The Fight



I lived in Philadelphia from 1962 through 1976. This show is well done and rings true to my memory of Philadelphia during those times. To me everything shown represents the complete picture that I remember of the city that I grew up and affirms my lifetime decision to seek a better life elsewhere. I decided never to return to City of Brotherly Love, a promise I still keep. I am fortunate to have found my professional and personal achievements success in other states with a culture more suitable to my sense of nonviolence and tranquility.

Let me share some memories so you understand. While this first violent incident was not directly related to the city but when I was a kid, I recall watching the news in 1963 (circa). What impressed me then was watching the reporters actually doing segments about the Vietnam War. In my elementary school, I was frightened by my teacher telling me that in a few years, we would be going to Vietnam to fight the communists. When I attended a different elementary school at St. Stephens in North Philadelphia, on too many occasions, I had to run home after school so that I did not get beaten or have any pocket change taken. I considered myself a street smart kid. Unfortunately for my 8th grade girlfriend, panicked when we were approached by a gang of kids seeking to take our money. She ran and ended up in a store seeking protection from the kids chasing her. I only found out later the next day when she mentioned that nothing happened. In the meantime, I had no idea what happened for 24 hours. That incident did not allow me to sleep that night but will always be remembered as a typical Philly incident. In another case, my brother went out with friends and took the "El" and landed up in Fishtown. He got beat up there because he was darker looking than the neighborhood kids, even though he traveled with a bunch of blonde hair friends. My only welcomed escapes from the city of brotherly love were in the summer, when my family travelled to Sea Isle City for long vacations. My father owned a beer store in a tough neighborhood, so we could afford it.

Growing up and watching and reading about the police and their brutality, Learned never to mouth off to a cop. I even knew someone that became a cop and as I now reflect, he would be a typical cop of that time with a penchant for violence and suppression and little tolerance for anyone civil rights. I knew about the Philly music sound and always enjoyed that music; and I felt its value in bringing people together to a limited extent. But I recall reading the Inquirer, the Bulletin (before it became defunct--my girlfriend's father was a reporter) and the Daily News. All wrote about the ugliness and the violence of that time. In fairness to Philly, the entire country was at a level of disruption, probably not seen since the civil war time. But it is informative not to underestimate the reign of terror caused by the police state enacted by the citizenry at the time. To this day, I always share my belief that what happened in Philly, was that a cop, became a mayor and instituted a police state, that I now refer to as Rizzo's Reign of Terror. And only now after seeing Rizzo's conspiracy (wink, wink) with union thugs, do I feel fully affirmed that Rizzo and his supporters essentially replaced democratic rule of law with a fascist state reminiscent of Mussolini, which is evidently, the heritage of the people who put rizzo in power.

February 4 2017, 2:04 PM
Toye 2015

Very informative!!!!!

October 24 2015, 8:23 AM

I'm really enjoying this documentary. Keep em coming!

September 23 2013, 7:47 PM

I was born in Philly and I was young when this was going on and it's nice to see some of what was going on because I don.t remember most of it. Going to my mom @ dads this weekend and ask them about it. And going to have them take a look at this and call some family and ask them what they remember and can tell me, I really would like to know the hole story.

July 27 2013, 10:31 AM

it should be public knowledge for everyone to see and hear

June 22 2013, 7:04 PM